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Robin Riback is an award-winning Author and Creative Writing Coach who lives and writes in New York City and helps people write stronger, better, and faster.

How can I help YOU write?

Editing drafts – Improving your phrasing – Revving your creativity and joy about writing – I am passionate about nurturing all stages of your creative process.

Would you like to embark on a literary journey?

Of self-help humor, fiction, and poetry guided with laughter as I usher you through our daily grind and take you on a journey toward resolving both our real-world problems and our inner conflicts?

And be entertained and comforted to know that you are in good company as you face your daily struggles. 


Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com


Perfect and hysterical!
Right on, as usual.”

Lynne Thompson

Robin, your writing is excellent!

Marlene B., 2021
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